We, HDBshoprental.com (herein referred to as Company), only accept advertisement for commercial properties at the moment. Acceptance for other non-commercial properties advertisements shall be subject to the Company’s discretion. Should such advertisements be refused and in the event where purchase payment has been made, 100% refund will be made to the purchaser, at no extra charge

Note that we do not accept advertisement for industrial properties or warehouses. Such advertisements shall be refused and in the event where purchase payment has been made, 100% refund will be made to the purchaser, at no extra charge.

Payment must be made to the Company before any advertisement shall be published. Billing and Invoices are based on the Reporting from the PayPal Site.

We reserve the right, without any liability whatsoever, to refuse any paid advertisement that is found to be ungenuine. In such cases, no refunds will be made to the purchaser.

Each paid advertisement shall be entitled to and for the purpose of advertising one property address solely. For the advertisements of two or more properties, advertisers (also known as purchasers) are advised to purchase the number of advertisement slots accordingly and separately. The Company reserves the right to refuse any paid advertisements that explicitly details, implies or refers to more than one property for rent. No refunds shall be made to the advertisers in such cases.

In the event where two or more advertisers have paid for advertisements to run concurrently and bearing the same subject property address with the same unit number, these paid advertisements shall be grouped together and denoted as duplicate listings to the consumers.

Advertisers shall be solely responsible for any claim, action, judgment, or liability, threatened or adjudicated, of any kind arising out of or in connection with any breach by themselves of any representation, warranty or agreement in relation to their published advertisement contents. And advertiser shall promptly reimburse the Company for any sums, costs or expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees and expenses, settlement costs and disbursements) incurred by Company in connection therewith.

Advertiser agrees that Company shall not be liable for (1) any delays in the delivery of any paid advertisement; (2) anything affecting the production of the paid advertisement in the event of an act of God, network difficulties, electronic malfunction or any condition beyond the control of the Company (3) consequential damages of any nature whatsoever; and/or (4) errors or omissions in the paid advertisement as it is exhibited to the public.